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A Literary Movement! free essay sample

The eighteenth century was the period of Enlightenment, of a faith in reason, convention, society and science. In any case, at that point, out of the smoke of the Industrial transformation and the French upset rose another style of composing portrayed by feeling over explanation. In this Romantic age, the individual was esteemed over society, creative mind over rationale, and the normal over the fake. Nature was commended as a wellspring of joy, an Image of affection and a model of good flawlessness. Sentimental people discovered motivation in nature, before, and in their own interests. Nature gave an example on which to base their innovative lives. Simultaneously a libertarianism or an accentuation on singular rights got well known. The sentimental people dismissed the dictator topics of the past period (Enlightenment) and stated individual opportunity in their compositions. For them nature and libertarianism went connected at the hip. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge were two of the most Important sentimental writers. We will compose a custom paper test on A Literary Movement! or on the other hand any comparable point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Wordsworth made straightforward sonnets about everyday citizens in common settings. Coleridge then again, clarified Gothic and otherworldly topics. Perhaps the most work that brought forth the sentimental period or, who started the start of the sentimental development was the Wordsworths LYRICAL BALLADS. Some different well known verse of the time is OZYMANDIAS sonnet by Percy Shelley. As an accentuation on the significance of feelings in the making of good verse, Wordsworths states: ~All great verse is the unconstrained flood of amazing emotions~ He likewise accepts that the adolescent inclination youngsters get within the sight of a deer, a rainbow and so forth is a pivotal certainty really taking shape of good verse. He states also ~A kid is Father of man~ Which implies that kids are fit for marvel and writers must keep up that feeling else they wont have the option to make great verse. The famous compositions of the time kept on being sarcastic fills in just as articles, scholars communicated their conclusions, sentiments and characters in casual papers. magazin es likewise became the dominant focal point, for example, the Edinburgh Review and the Gentlemen Magazine. Notwithstanding verse, writer additionally wrote in the sentimental path. In spite of the vital analysis, books turned out to be generally acknowledged motivating the emotional increment of fiction writing in the 1800. Despite the fact that creators utilized a wide scope of styles including Gothic, verifiable and sentimental, the premise of the novel was reality. Two of the most well known books at the time were Mary Shelleys FRANKENSTEIN and Jane Austens EMMA.

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Antigone and A Doll’s House feminine comparison Essay -- Gender Roles,

â€Å"The enthusiastic, sexual, and mental generalizing of females starts when the specialist says, ‘It's a girl.’† (Chisholm). Where do ladies fit in the social request of society today? Numerous ladies today fit in a similar job as they would have been required to quite a while in the past. Despite the fact that as a rule, ladies have much more alternatives today. The male chain of command despite everything oversees most parts of society, however with a lot more impediments since ladies are finding that they can remain all alone, and have no requirement for steady directing from their male partners. Man centric impacts are the base of society. In Antigone Sophocles informs a story regarding Greek qualities and women’s status. Antigone has quite recently seen her two siblings slaughter one another; one sibling passed on safeguarding Thebes and the other kicked the bucket double-crossing it. Creon’s law shields anybody from covering the deceiver and Antigone is determined to repudiating this. Alternately, Ibsen’s dramatist, A Doll’s House, is an anecdote about a clever lady, Nora, who is misconstrued by her better half, Torvald. She takes frantic measures to keep her family unblemished however at long last wines up going out all alone. As the narratives progress the both Nora’s and Antigone’s qualities become fundamentally the same as in that they are both insubordinate, are docile to male ward, and are unfaltering and solid willed in their choice. Right off the bat, Antigone and Nora are both somewhat confused and insubordinate. Ladies, at those occasions have certain desires for following male centric locale. At the point when Antigone conflicts with Creons law she shows her defiant side. Nora’s subversion is shown when Mrs.Linden chats with her and says, â€Å"Why, a spouse can’t obtain cash without her husband’s consent†(Ibsen 151). During Ibsen’s period many... ...igone is relied upon to be compliant, yet has a desire to challenge. Ismene attempts to remind her about women’s place in the public arena, yet flops in attempting to convince Antigone. Nora for her entire life has been the little vulnerable warbler that can't have an independent perspective. Torvald considers her to be what a lady was required to be, and she is feeble. The determination and the solid will of both Antigone and Nora are essential. Without these characteristics they would not of gotten far in their crusades. Antigone has the consistent however unstable conclusiveness all through the story. While, Nora has a muddled definitiveness until the end when she totally chooses to move out and is relentless to Torvald’s requests. These characters recount to the account of ladies in the past that have prepared for ladies today. Without them who knows how ladies would have been dealt with today? Without a doubt, their activities were enormously required.

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Morality and Babyhood Essay

Attributes of diaper days: (From about fourteen days to 2 years) I) Babyhood is the genuine establishment age. As of now, numerous personal conduct standards, perspectives and enthusiastic articulations are set up. It is a basic period in setting the example for individual and passionate modifications. ii) Babyhood is a time of quick development and advancement. Children become quickly both truly and mentally. Changes are quick in appearance (stature and weight) and limits. The appendages create in better extent to the enormous head. Scholarly development and change are corresponding to physical development and change. iii) Ability develops to perceive and react to individuals and items in the earth. The child can comprehend numerous things and impart its needs and needs. iv) The diaper days is a time of diminishing reliance. The child starts to get things done to itself. With reduction of reliance, an insubordination to being treated as infant. A dissent takes fight comes as irate upheavals and crying when freedom is denied. v) It is a period of high singularity which can be acknowledged in appearance and in examples of conduct. vi) Babyhood is the start of Creativity, sex job and socialization for change in future life. vii) Babyhood is a risky period. The physical risks are disease, mishaps, handicaps and passing. Mental risks are boredoms and negative demeanor. Havighurst’s Developmental Tasks During The infancy Learning to take strong nourishment Learning to walk. Figuring out how to talk. Figuring out how to control the disposal of body squanders. Learning sex contrasts and sex humility. Preparing to peruse. Figuring out how to separate right and off-base and starting to build up an inner voice. Infancy abilities Hand aptitudes †self-taking care of , self dressing,and play aptitudes Leg abilities Jumping, climbing steps, running without falling discourse improvement in diaper days Talking is probably the greatest achievement there is, and the most recent research proposes there’s a ton you can do to enable your kid to turn into an ace jabber. Months before my little girl Ella spat out her first official word (â€Å"bath! â€Å"), she was a Chatty Cathy as far as sheer noiseâ€exercising her channels by wailing for a taking care of, screeching at a sock manikin, or chattering â€Å"ba ba ba† as loud as possible. What's more, it turns out there’s an explanation for the racket. For babies, it’s a sort of phonetic cross-trainingâ€a way they prep for the headliner of genuine discourse, also called probably the coolest achievement ever. The normal age at which children articulate a real first word is a year, and they’re ready to oversee two-word â€Å"sentences† when they’re 2. In any case, (rude awakening! ) as any pediatrician will verify, babies hit language achievements at a wide scope of ages. A kid who appears to be behind can out of nowhere make a monster jump in front of her friends, verbally. Also, a child who starts talking early may stall out on a similar barely any words for quite a long time before adding more to her collection. So no contrasting or freezing! Of course, you can barely wait to hear that first word or â€Å"wuv you. † But like every single Big Moment in your baby’s lifeâ€sleeping as the night progressed, sitting up, first stepsâ€it will happen when she’s prepared. There are, be that as it may, demonstrated ways you can bump language advancement along, specialists state. Look at our stage-by-stage (and totally nervousness free! ) manual for child talk for the scoop on what you’ll hear, when to anticipate it, and how best to keep up your finish of the discussion. 1 Month Waaah. Crying may not sound conversational, yet it’s your newborn’s essential approach to impart, which means she utilizes it for everything from â€Å"I’m tired† and â€Å"I need food† to â€Å"It’s excessively brilliant in here. † Wailing additionally primes your child for real language by reinforcing the equivalent neural pathways in the cerebrum that are utilized for speechâ€and by giving her larynx, the organ in the throat answerable for sound creation, a great exercise. What to state back: Something that will mitigate the objecting and squalling. While a decent cry may practice your baby’s vocal ropes, the sooner you can comfort her, the more certain she’ll be that you’re truly tuning in to herâ€and the all the more willing she’ll be to continue attempting to â€Å"tell† you what she’s feeling. 2 to 5 months Ooh? aah. Those supercute coos are breezy sounds that come directly from the larynxâ€making them simple to state for little infants despite everything making sense of how to utilize their lips and tongues. They’re additionally fun. â€Å"Kids will in general spotlight on specific sounds: screeches, vowels, or snarls, as we call them,† says D. Kimbrough Oller, Ph. D. , an educator of audiology and discourse language pathology at the University of Memphis. These will enable your little one to figure out how to control vocal tone and volumeâ€something she’ll need to frame her first word. What to state back: Anything in â€Å"parentese,† that singsongy voice that seems like it fell off a children’s CDâ€only it’s you rehashing â€Å"Hiiiii! † Research shows the high pitch makes your baby truly pay heed ofâ€and need to imitateâ€what you state. 5 to 7 months Ah? goo. At the point when your infant starts to include consonants, it implies she’s now ready to create a full collection of soundsâ€a major etymological achievement. â€Å"It’s harder to create consonants since they require association between the tongue and the lips,† says Roberta Golinkoff, Ph. D. , chief of the University of Delaware Infant Language Project in Newark. â€Å"It’s a serious deal. † What to state back: Narrate the sights you see on your drive or your day by day designs (â€Å"We’re setting off to the store for some milk, and afterward Daddy’s taking you to the recreation center! â€Å"). Conversing with a non-talker may feel strange, yet look into has discovered that newborn children really comprehend unmistakably more than we understand. In one investigation, half year olds who heard the word â€Å"mommy† reacted by taking a gander at an image of their mother. 7 to 9 months Ma mama. Was that a first word? Gee? Despite the fact that your child is presumably still just parroting sounds, when she begins chattering in unmistakable syllables, her â€Å"conversation† can sound so much like language that it’s difficult to tell. Consider this her last dress practice for assembling those syllables in a manner that has genuine importance. What to state back: Talk about the things around her so she’ll interface objects with words. Just don’t accept â€Å"bo-bo† implies â€Å"ball† in the event that she says it while going after her shoe. â€Å"Notice where your youngster is looking before you name an item. It’s exceptionally versatile for babiesâ€and a ton of guardians do it naturally,† says Jenny Saffran, Ph. D. , executive of the Infant Learning Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 9 to a year Nee-near. Getting out the perfect sounds takes practice, so for the time being, your baby’s making up combos that demonstrate genuine objectsâ€a midpoint among chattering and genuine discourse. She may state â€Å"nee-nigh† for â€Å"bottle,† or â€Å"sho-sho† for â€Å"yogurt,† for instance. What to state back: As long as you recognize what your baby’s attempting to state, don’t bandy over right articulation. Trading in peculiar names for customary words is typical for new talkersâ€so your best move is to react such that shows you comprehend: She says â€Å"banktee,† you produce her cover. It’s adorable to hear (and state) her made-up words, and specialists state it’s fine if â€Å"banktee† gets de rigueur in your family. In the long run, you’ll eliminate it for the genuine article. 12 to 15 months Dog. Whatever conspicuous word your youngster delivers first, it’s bound to be something she’s intrigued by and something she can without much of a stretch sayâ€which is the reason the single-syllable â€Å"Da,† â€Å"Ma,† â€Å"ball,† and, truly, â€Å"dog† are genuinely regular first words. â€Å"Kitten† and â€Å"television†? Not really. What to state back: â€Å"Hurrah! † Cheering on her talking endeavors will inspire her to ace new words. Additionally, Golinkoff takes note of that the standard for babies figuring out how to talk is â€Å"the more language in, the more language out. † So continue talking! Thusly, you’re providing the words for intriguing articles and feelings. Add that to lauding her for utilizing the ones she definitely knows and you’ll before long have an all out engine mouth on your hands. 15 to year and a half Go. After your baby has let out that first word, she’ll realize what she needs to do to make othersâ€including various grammatical features, similar to action words and descriptive words. By 15 months, most children can say at least 20 words, and the dictionary grows as weeks pass by. What to state back: Cuddle up with a decent story for an easy decision vocab sponsor. Impeccable at this age: board books loaded up with quick and painless words, similar to Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? by Karen Katz, or Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell. â€Å"Talk about what’s in the photos, as well,† proposes Julie Masterson, coauthor of Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences, A Parent’s Complete Guide to Language Development. â€Å"It’s a good time for children to hear you state ‘See the canine? It says ‘woof. ‘† 18 to 22 months Da-me-fo-honey bee. You realize your little child is stating something amazingâ€if no one but you could get it. In their subsequent year, kids become experts of silly discourse, creating strings of exquisite hogwash that sound like a fake variant of grown-up discussion (regularly complete with affectation and hand motions). She’ll likewise be stating around 30

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GMAT and GRE Math - What is 20 of 40 Percent

Are you preparing for the GRE or the GMAT? If these timed graduate and business school exams are in your future, heres a short cut for answering percent questions. More specifically, this article focuses on how to easily calculate the percentage of a number. Suppose a question required you to find 40% of 125. Follow these simple steps. Four Steps to Calculate a Percentage Step 1: Memorize these percents and their corresponding fractions. 100% 150% 1/225% 1/433 1/3% 1/320% 1/510% 1/10 Step 2: Choose a percent from the list that fits with the percent in question. For example, if you are looking for 30% of a number, choose 10% (because 10% * 3 30%). In another example, a question requires you to find 40% of 125. Choose 20% since it is half of 40%. Step 3: Divide the number by the denominator of the fraction. Since youve memorized that 20% is 1/5, divide 125 by 5.125/5 2520% of 125 25 Step 4: Scale to the actual percent. If you double 20%, then youll reach 40%.   Therefore, if you double 25, youll find 40% of 125. 25 * 2 50 40% of 125 50 Answers and Explanations Original Worksheet 1. What is 100% of 63?63/1 632. What is 50% of 1296?1296/2 6483. What is 25% of 192?192/4 484. What is 33 1/3% of 810?810/3 2705. What is 20% of 575?575/5 1156. What is 10% of 740?740/10 747. What is 200% of 63?63/1 6363 * 2 1268. What is 150% of 1296?1296/2 648648 * 3 19449. What is 75% of 192?192/4 4848 * 3 14410. What is 66 2/3% of 810?810/3 270270* 2 54011. What is 40% of 575?575/5 115115 * 2 23012.   What is 60% of 575?575/5 115115 * 3 34513. What is 5% of 740?740/10 7474/2 37

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Not Lowering the Drinking Age - 1642 Words

Bryan Blejski ENG 101-010 Ms. Abbott 28 July 2011 Not Lowering the Drinking Age Many teenage deaths in the United States are caused in some way by the influence of alcohol; however, many people still believe that the legal drinking age should be reduced to eighteen. This issue has been going on for years, but the law has not been changed since the change to twenty-one in 1980. States have become stricter about preventing under-age drinking, but teenagers have no problem getting alcohol. There are many arguments in favor of changing the drinking age back to eighteen. The facts show that drinking alcohol is too large of a responsibility for an eighteen-year-old to handle. In 1980 the government raised the drinking age to twenty-one†¦show more content†¦In summary, research supports the argument that the drinking age should consider the overall perception of how successful undeveloped teens could handle alcohol. Those who want to see the legal drinking age was reduced from twenty-one to eighteen often argue that the legal drinking age in Canada and many European countries are in the middle of adolescence, and argue further that this lower drinking age has not resulted in the dismantling of the social structure (Heath 28). As some scientists and social researchers have pointed out, however, drinking habits of young people has changed considerably in recent years as the influence of American advertising and the availability of U.S. products has spread (Heath 231). Although the argument that a lower legal drinking age may be based on data from other countries, we must remember that the culture of alcohol are different in many of these countries and should not serve as a valid basis for a discussion of American matters. Once again, science and research should lead to an argument for reducing or increasing the legal drinking age. Interestingly, on a cultural tone, in relation to the argument against lowering the drinking age, the fact that younger teens are allowed to drink helped researchers suggest that there is an increase in binge drinking, which have been associated with a dramatic increase in harmful and fatal. accidents,Show MoreRelatedLowering the Drinking Age1523 Words   |  7 Pages According to Andrew Herman, â€Å"Each year, 14,000 die from drinking too much. 600,000 are victims of alcohol related physical assault and 17,000 are a result of drunken driving deaths, many being innocent bystanders† (470). These massive numbers bring about an important realization: alcohol is a huge issue in America today. Although the problem is evident in Americans of all ages, the biggest issue is present in young adults and teens. In fact, teens begin to feel the effects of alcohol twice asRead MoreNot Lowering The Drinking Age989 Words   |  4 PagesNot Lowering the Drinking Age There are many different views on drinking alcohol, especially underage drinking. Everyone has different views on the drinking age. Some think it should be lowered and others believe that it should be raised. Then some believe that it should remain the same at the age of twenty-one years old. Keeping the alcohol consumption age at twenty-one limits the dangers of not only those under twenty-one, but other people in the community. Lowering the drinking age will causeRead MoreLowering the Drinking Age1223 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"What we’re doing now to prevent underage drinking isn’t working; it’s time to try something else.† Although many people argue that the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1964, which lowed the drinking age from eighteen to twenty one, was a good idea. David J Hanson a professor in the State University of New York believed that something needs to be done to make the United States a safer place to live. Is it fair that people in the United States can serve in the military, vote in elections, serveRead MoreLowering the Drinking Age1576 Words   |  7 PagesComposition I April 6, 2014 Why the Drinking Age Should Stay at Twenty-One The United States drinking age throughout all 50 states has been the same since 1984 when a law was put in place by the U.S. Congress punishing all states who did not abide by the legal age limit of 21. Since this law was put into place, it has become one of the most widely studied laws in history. While there are many arguments and new bills being created to reduce this age, especially among college universitiesRead MoreLowering The Drinking Age1336 Words   |  6 PagesStudies show that keeping the drinking age at twenty-one improves lives. When the United States raised the age limit to twenty-one in 1985, a shortage of drinking occurred at a whopping 40% by 1991. As a result, fewer students drop out of high school, less motor accidents occur, and suicides rates dropped significantly. However, lowering the drinking age to eighteen will bring serious consequences on young adults by reversing these statistics. Lowering the drinking age will cause significant healthRead MoreLow ering The Drinking Age Of The Age981 Words   |  4 PagesHowever, there are those who remain persistent in their requests to drop the drinking age to a slightly lower option. Opposition to the legal drinking age of twenty-one has shown to have some support from mostly younger groups of people, without much validation as to why a lowered drinking age would be beneficial to our country as a whole. Yet, there are still some interesting arguments for those in favor of dropping the age at which it is legal to drink to eighteen. Consider how many young adults chooseRead MoreLowering The Legal Drinking Age903 Words   |  4 Pageshelp myself get a better understanding about how others feel about lowering the legal drinking age in the United States and to better understand what role alcohol plays in people’s lives. The first question I asked for in my survey, was what the participant’s age was. I used this question to see if there was a difference on how different generations felt towards lowering the legal drinking age. I was expecting more people over the age of 25 to take the quiz because I didn’t know if younger adults wouldRead MoreLowering The Minimum Drinking Age1380 Words   |  6 PagesOnce a person reaches the age of 18, they are allowed to tattoo their bodies, smoke tobacco, gamble and even enlist if they wanted to! As an adult, they want to be treated as one but how can they feel like an adult if hanging around with their friends and drinking beer while watching TV is illegal ? Of course, that does not stop them, though. The United States is one of the few countries in which still have such a high minimum drinking age. Although most people think young adults (18-year olds) areRead MoreLowering The Minimum Drinking Age1429 Words   |  6 Pagesand Thailand are others – with a minimum drinking age over 18† (Griggs, 1). When Ronald Reagan signed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1984, its goal was to reduce less-mature adults from consuming alcohol and performing reckless acts (Cary, 1). However, despite the current drinking age, 17.5 percent of consumer spending for alcohol in 2013 was under the age of 21. It is estimated that â€Å"90 percent of underage drinking is consumed via binge drinking†¦with alcohol abuse becoming more prevalentRead MoreLowering The Legal Drinking Age857 Words   |  4 PagesAs we know, the United States has the highest drinking age in the world. By 1988 the entire U.S had adopted the Federal Unifor m Drinking Age Act, which set the drinking age to twenty-one. However, in 1920 the United States banned the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcohol. This era known as the Prohibition sparked the popularity of hidden underground bars and events. The Prohibition Era is a prime example of how people did anything to intake alcohol and eventually this led

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Human Resources And Human Capital - 823 Words

Human resources and human capital are different. Human resources management is the function by which the human capital is guided and directed. As previously stated, human capital is made up of the knowledge and skills that people possess. When a company hires an employee they are essentially â€Å"leasing† the talent that the individual owns. The company does not own the employee, their skills or abilities. Human capital emphasizes valuing people that work for the companies as assets; employees that add to the value of the organization, and when efficiently managed contributes to the overall success of the company in terms of employee productivity and contribution. The role of human resources in valuing human capital is mainly to figure out ways to attract and recruit the best people, find ways to make them better at what they do and bring the best out of them. Google appears to be a great organization to work for. As a company that thrives from the creativity and innovation of people, they really seem to put forth an effort towards creating an atmosphere in which the talent or human capital has an opportunity to flourish. It is quite clear that Google will not hesitate to go to great lengths to promote a fun and inclusive environment where the workers, or as they prefer to call them â€Å"smart creatives†, are able to feel like they matter. They have decided to stay away from the traditional aspect of corporate America and chose to implement what may be a game changer forShow MoreRelatedHuman Resource Management and Human Capital Management Essay799 Words   |  4 Pagesdefine and then compare and contrast Human Resource Management (HRM)  with Human Capital Management (HCM) by building upon class content and discussion. Human Resource management is the process of managing individuals within an organization, using the policies, practices and systems that influence the employees. Human Capital Management is the managing of individuals based on their skills, training, experience, intelligence, relationships and insight. Human resource management (HRM) is the managementRead MoreHuman Capital Is An Important Resource For Organizations Essay1537 Words   |  7 Pagesworkers ability to adapt to novel situations in the workplace and perform at an elevated level may currently be more crucial than ever. It has become increasingly accepted that human capital is an important resource for organizations (Wright McMahan, 2011). According to Siegel (2005) sleep is a recurring period in human activity that is defined as a state of immobility with greatly reduced responsiveness, which can be distinguished from coma or anesthesia by its rapid reversibility (Barnes, JiangRead MoreHuman Resource Management : The Effective Methodology Of Managing Human Capital956 Words   |  4 Pagestopic is Human Resource Management: The effective Methodology of Managing Human Capital. The second topic is The Constraint of Women in Leadership Roles. The demand of a transforming world influences roles in human resource management and women occupying leadership position. Both topics depth with challenges that produce opportunities to structure organizations future. In order to sustain the advancement of the United States economy, organizations need restructure the way its Human Resource administrateRead MoreImplications of Intellectual Capital on Human Resources Management3213 Words   |  13 PagesTITLE: IMPLICATIONS OF INTELLE CTUAL CAPITAL ON HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction pg 3 2. Elements of Intellectual Capital pg. 3 3. Preserving Intellectual Capital pg. 4 4. The Importance Of Implementing Intellectual Capital Processes pg. 4-5 5. The Value Factor Read MoreCapital Equipment Leasing Strategic Human Resource Development Plan1673 Words   |  7 Pages CEL Capital Equipment Leasing Strategic Human Resource Development Plan A Proposal by Tim Bowles OMM-618 Strategic Management in Human Resources Management Instructor Prof. Maja Zelihic May 12, 2015 Executive Summary As Capital Equipment Leasing continues to grow, the need to establish a more mature HR Development program that responds to the company’s needs to succeed in a fast growing market. Traditional values include optimism about the future. The contents of this report areRead MoreDo Personality Based Human Capital Resources Matter At Firm Performance?856 Words   |  4 PagesTaking it to Another Level: Do Personality-Based Human Capital resources Matter to Firm Performance? Per the article, â€Å"Do Personality-Based Human Capital Resources Matter to Firm Performance?† Kim, Oh, Van Iddekinge (2015) said that based on recent human capital research, ASA theory, and SHRM scholarship, personality-based capital resources in the forms of organization-level mean, variance, and their interaction matter to firm performance. Their study showed that when an organization carefullyRead MoreThe Challenges Faced By The Managers Of Companies With Other Areas Of Their Business Essay1227 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract: Human Capital is the most sought after resource today for the whole business world when compared to any other resource. In fact, it has become the most critical resource across the globe. Organizations, big or small, are only capitalizing on the human potential, their strengths and their core competencies to achieve a remarkable competitive advantage. Organizations strategize on different areas of their business. But there may be many challenges that they have to confront while meetingRead MoreImportance of Human Resource Management Essay1177 Words   |  5 PagesHuman resource is the most valuable asset of an organisation as it is the source of operational performance and competitive advantage in an organisation. An asset, by definition, is a useful or valuable thing or person. An organisation comprises of three types of assets, namely; financial assets, physical assets (infrastructure and equipment), intangible assets. Intangible assets include intellectual capital (patents, copyrights and trademarks), social capital and human capital. The creative thinkingRead MoreWhat Are The Impact Of Human Capital Accounting On ShareholdersValue Of Oil And Gas Companies?1405 Words   |  6 PagesHUMAN CAPITAL ACCOUNTING AND SHAREHOLDERS’ VALUE OF LISTED OIL AND GAS COMPANIES IN NIGERIA Abstract This study evaluated the effect of human capital accounting on shareholders’ value in oil and gas companies in Nigeria. This is with a view to providing information on how costs incurred on personnel could be identified, measured and disclosed on the statement of financial position of companies as an asset which is the key factor to the successful operation in oil and gas industry. The study madeRead MoreCreating A Learning Organization?1279 Words   |  6 Pagesgather intellectual capital, the human relations activity, relationship capital, and organizational capital, in such a way as to highlight and answer the following questions: †¢ What are the characteristics of a learning organization? †¢ How can an organization employ intellectual capital in order to create a learning organization? †¢ How can an organization utilize human relations, in order to create a learning organization? †¢ How can an organization best harness relationship capital to create a learning

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Birthday Party free essay sample

Last year I celebrated my birthday exactly the way I wanted to. My parents had told me that I could ask them for anything on my birthday and I asked them to arrange a grand party for my friends. My mother is my best friend when it comes to inviting my friends home. She helped me to make invitation cards and to fill them up with names. She made a list of all the friends that I wanted to call and then made a card to send to each of my friends. The contents of each card were different so as to suit the taste of the particular friend to whom it was sent. Next she took me to the market and we bought ballons and streamers, masks and caps etc to decorate the house with. We ordered the cake and bought wrapping paper along with the return presents. As we reached home we sat down to work. We will write a custom essay sample on Birthday Party or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We put up the streamers with tape and hung the ballons all over the walls and on the fans and doors and windows. We arranged the masks and caps in such a way that each friend of mine would pick one of his choices. My mother spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking for all my friends. The cake arrived in the evening and soon my friends started pouring in. My father arranged some games for them and he became the refree for all our games. He arranged musical chairs, passing the parcel, follow the leader, dumb charades etc and all the children enjoyed themselves. We had our tea after I cut the cake. The cake was a beautiful house with colourful icing and big chunks of chocolate I was drowned in gifts once my friends left and l went to bed with the satisfaction of having enjoyed the best birth day party of my life.